An award-winning composer, conductor and producer Claude Choe has captivated an audience worldwide with his beautiful, moving melodies for over four decades. The winner of 2003 Canada Korea Cultural Artist of the Year award is also the recipient of the prestigious Paul Harris Fellow medal for his contribution to the cultural and artistic exchanges around the world. 

Claude first began receiving international attention at the Salerno International Film Festival in Italy when his Une Poignée de Temps won the Best Film Music award among 200 nominees from 120 Countries. Claude’s compositions since then are best known in South Korean movies and K-Drama soundtracks. Critics and fellow musicians take note of Claude`s unique, nostalgic and poetic musical style crossing all spectrums - a fusion of sentimental, Oriental melodies with romantic Western European Classics, and a touch of Latin passion. 

As an accomplished conductor, Claude directed the 2010 G-20 Seoul Summit ceremonial concert in Seoul, Korea. Claude was selected as the music director of the 100th Korea-America Immigration Anniversary Celebration in USA, which led to the monumental first music concert ever held in Russell Caucus Hall inside the Capitol Hill, Washington DC with the Washington Symphony Orchestra and Chorus. 

In Canada, Choe worked as the artistic director and conductor for the 'We are Together' concerts in Calgary and Vancouver at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre and Jack Singer Concert hall - performances with 120-member chorus and orchestras in celebration of the 40th & 50 th Anniversary of Canada-Korea Relations. Claude also participated in the Opening Ceremony of the 2002 World Cup Korea-Japan, and in 2018 Pyeong Chang Winter Olympics as a composer and music director. In 2014, Claude worked as the artistic director of the world renowned tenor José Carreras’ concert in South Korea.

Claude has been working with many of the world`s finest orchestras, including the
London Symphony Orchestra, St. Luke Symphony Orchestra of New York, Washington Symphony Orchestra, Czech Prague Philharmonic Orchestra, Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra, Canada Festival Orchestra, Seoul National Symphony Orchestra, French Pop Orchestra and St. Petersburg Philharmonic Orchestra. Claude’s recordings made in world-class concert halls and studios such as New York`s Carnegie Hall and London`s Abbey Road Studio, Massey Hall, Seoul’s Sejong and KBS Concert Hall can be enjoyed in his latest recording albums with Warner Music, Sony Music, Universal Music.

Reviews in Journalism

"Very emotional and poetic tunes, saturated in European colors 

- Italys Salerno Film Festival Committee

A touch of classicism and romanticism with a sense of poetic freedom and relaxation. These are works of a truly talented artist. 

- Sidney Peyroles - Directeur du Centre Culture Francais

Choe's music is beautiful and relaxing. 
- Gordan Nikolich - Concert master, London Symphony Orchestra

His splendid music harmonizes so beautifully with chorus. 
- Terry Edwards Director, London Voice & Royal Opera House

Classic beauty, his invaluable music fills the void untaken by the popular music in modern minds and hearts with warmth and life. 
- Conductor, New York Broadcast Symphony Orchestra

His beautiful melodies will touch your heart. 
- Cenek Vrba Concert master, Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra

His Piano concerto is exquisite. 
- Richard Joo Pianist (Billboard top artist)

Claudes music shares with us the peace of nature, the greatness of life, and the pain of losing love. It is a heavenly harmony that nourishes a tired soul.
Professor of University of British Columbia, and Journalist at Vancourver Joongangilbo

"Embedded with the spirit of Rachmaninoff and Chopin, Claude's music speaks through the window of these past musical prodigies."

- American Press 

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